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Seamless Data Integration

Integration across the entire organizational fields to support analysis and decision-making.

Data Transparency

Complete transparency of data to enable collaborative actions and decisions.

Enhanced Operational Processes

Enhancement in the operational processes to deliver greater organizational value.

Achieve more by integrating SAP with your legacy systems

Organisations are typically burdened with a host of legacy systems which cannot be modified easily to support the latest integration technologies and innovations. The traditional system integration processes, at the same time, are complex and can take several months to become fully operational. OrangeMantra’s SAP integration and customization services offer assistance for handling the complexities of business system integrations to ensure the optimization of your business application portfolio at a rapid pace. We help business enterprises to explore new ways for integrating disparate system applications and in creating a unified business architecture that drives results and growth.

What we do as a part of SAP Integration and Customization?

End-to-End Solutions

  • Integration consulting and architecture design
  • Integration development, consolidation, and migration
  • Integration application maintenance

SAP Cloud Offering

  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud
  • Cloud for Customer – C4C (CRM)
  • SAP Sales Cloud

Integration Solutions

  • Integration with CRM Applications
  • Integration with ERP Systems
  • Integration with Supplier Systems

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SAP Integration and Customization Services

SAP Process Integration

Facilitating seamless integration between the SAP and non-SAP applications and systems within the business ecosystem.

HANA Cloud Integration

Providing out-of-the-box connectivity across the cloud and on-premise solutions to ensure that the business is always on the top.

SAP Custom Development

Developing and delivering innovative SAP solutions which are designed to match the client’s business requirements.

SAP Application Management

Assisting organizations to manage, maintain, and extend the enterprise SAP support environment with ease and reliability.

SAP Migration

Migrating SAP Integration systems from the previous versions or from diverse platforms to the latest versions.

SAP Consulting

Offering expert professional assitance for developing the integration strategy and making a feasibility assessment for the business.

Why Choose SAP Integration?

Add value to your business with SAP integration

Automation of Operations

Automate operations that involve information and functions associated with these softwares

Reduced IT Workload

Reduce IT workload by fortifying cross-application data and operations into a unified system

Enhanced Agility

Access varied and extensive datasets to identify favorable business opportunities

Better customer interactions

Improve customer interactions by creating diverse digital channels of communication

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