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White-label operating systems and mobile apps for global EV charging

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OrangeMantra offers end-to-end EV charging software solutions for automotive businesses and charge point operators to support EV roaming infrastructure. Explore our solutions right now if you want to take your business to the next level!

Charge Point

Charge Point Operators (CPO)

We cater to specialized software solutions for Charge Point Operator businesses running a charging network. Ensure operational excellence, while reducing the cost of ownership and monetizing the chargers with innovative energy management tools.


Electric Vehicles Service Providers

Create a robust and interconnected network by connecting your e-mobility services with end-to-end EV charging solutions. Leverage an OCPP-compliant software to streamline operations and manage the access and usage of EV charging stations.


Electric Mobility Service Providers

We create solutions that enable mobile service providers to connect with EV charging networks, create custom billing packages, and manage drivers. We also specialize in creating branded white label apps for end-users.

Discover the unmatched features and benefits of EV Charging solutions by OrangeMantra

Web-based control panel

Exceptional mobile UX


Hardware Agnostic

Bespoke Payments & Billing

Optimized energy consumption

End-customer satisfaction


Future proof

Asset management

Location-based offers

Roaming & Integrations

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Key Differentiators



Empowering EV software solutions that are OCPP Compliant for versions 1.xx to 2.0

Customer Friendliness

Customer Friendliness

Feature-rich and user-friendly mobile apps with online and offline capabilities


Complete Control

Secure, cloud-based CRM solutions that offer end-to-end control to businesses and CPOs



Supports a variety of chargers, from Bharat Standard to CHAdeMO and Combined Charging Systems

Build a robust EV charging solution that is just right for your network.

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